City Specific: Synonym Art Consultation

City Specific: Synonym Art Consultation is my most ambitious project to date. Not only is it the longest film I have produced it takes on the widest ranging subject matter I've tackled. There is a main story following Synonym themselves with several short side stories about the various artists painting murals for the Wall to Wall Mural Fest. Ultimately everything was on the same topic and the artists were able to support Chloe and Andrew's voices. 

From five story tall murals to street level pieces Synonym Art Consultation is bringing art to Winnipeg. Synonym’s Chloe Chafe and Andrew Eastman are dedicated to exposing communities to beautiful works of public art throughout every stage of their creation. Everyday people can do extraordinary things given the opportunity and Synonym has given a lot of opportunities.

City Specific: Beach Station Blues

The second episode of my series 'City Specific' follows the process of making an album isolated in a cabin in the Manitoba Interlake. Real Love Winnipeg is a record company that assembles a number of up & coming Winnipeg bands every summer and brings them out to their personal cabin in Winnipeg Beach to record an album in the cottage-cum-studio. Filmed in June 2013, 'City Specific: Beach Station Blues' gives an in depth look at the making of the album as well as the founders views on independent music in Winnipeg.

City Specific Series

‘City Specific’ is a zeitgeist, a moment captured in time that reveals where Winnipeg is culturally and artistically in 2016. An intimate examination of some of our river city’s most relevant creative and influential personalities, ‘City Specific’ is a series of short documentaries showcasing the variety of ways that up and coming businesses, organizations and individuals are making a difference in their community. 

    Through multiple short episodes, ‘City Specific’ will illustrate the breadth of variety in Winnipeg’s artistic scene and the challenges faced while attempting to make a living from artistic endeavours.  A central conflict and theme throughout ‘City Specific’ will be the age old struggle between art and commerce, and how Winnipeg’s young artists and cultural creators are solving this problem with their own work.

    ‘City Specific’ will be presented as an episodic series with each instalment being between five and twelve minutes in length. Using high-end HD and 4K cameras and slow-motion editing techniques, ‘City Specific’ will be a visual feast that creatively showcases how filmmaking is an art form very well suited to displaying the art of others.

    Winnipeg is a city that is constantly trying to find its identity. We are a city that often reinvents itself while remaining at the core independently minded and fiercely proud of our distance, physical and cultural, from Canada’s metropoles of Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. ‘City Specific’ celebrates this independence, this pride and captures our changing at this crucial moment in Winnipeg’s history.

City Specific: David Schellenberg

The first instalment in my 'City Specific' series, first released a number of years ago. David is a booking agent, at the time working at The Park Theatre in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  The short documentary follows David from home to work in a day in the life of a young, 20-something, music promoter and musician. 


New episodes of 'City Specific' coming soon!