My newest experimental film "Plagiar-ice Ice Baby" is an examination of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and the issue of sampling in hip hop music. Vanilla attempts to sing his way out of his conundrum. Ding-ding-ding-dada-ding-ding. This film is also a comment on the style of all my experimental films, I use (or 'sample') existing footage and repurpose it into a new context. 

2017 has seen the production of a few new experimental films from Tiny Scru Films. "I Will Always Love H.E.R." is an experimental film that uses the voice of a certified clown, DJ Khaled, to drive the point home that hip hop and rap has changed a lot since it first began many, many years ago. The title is a reference to the Common song "I Used to Love H.E.R." where the acronym stands for 'Hip hop in its Essence is Real'. 

The second new film I have produced is a re-working of an old idea. "183rd & Broadway" is an ode to the neighbourhood corner store as told by Big Body Bes.

The below link is to my experimental film, Beating A Dead Horse, which premiered at the 2016 Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Pointing out the ubiquity of the Beats Pill in today's popular music videos, the film juxtaposes mainstream commercialism with audio from The Matrix that fits eerily well with the hidden goals of marketing and advertising.

My experimental films need to be understood through a purple lens, dripping in lean and blunt smoke with chopped and screwed booming so loud the floor's shaking. Anyone familiar with the underground niche rap genre of chopped and screwed will see similarities between my experimental films and this experimental style of music. In an era of the DJ and the remix, I am taking the same mentality and applying it to filmmaking. In a style similar to what a DJ does while remixing a song, I find videos on YouTube, cut them up and manipulate them to give a new meaning to the original content. This is often done for comedic effect but also with an important social message about, for example, commercialism in today's mainstream rap. 


The above link is to one of my first forays into this style of experimental filmmaking, "All The Pear". Using a humorous interview with mainstream rapper Rick Ross, the film manipulates Ross' words to emphasis his apparent love for pears. "All The Pear" had its world premiere at the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival in June, 2015.